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    About the Intermountain Pediatric Society

Mission Statement

Children are our future. Our organization promotes the well-being of all children. We foster the physical, social and emotional health of children by forging links with families, communities and the American Academy of Pediatrics. We strive for excellence in the art, science and practice of pediatrics.

As pediatricians and members, we believe…
  • Children are the future.
  • Pediatricians promote child health and well-being through medical treatment and prevention, advocacy and community outreach, support of families and health education.
  • Pediatricians have the special training, focus and commitment to be experts in providing children's health care services and promoting children's health and well-being.
  • Ongoing clinical expertise requires commitment to life-long learning and improvement of clinical skills.
  • Pediatricians are a community and professional resource for children's health needs and issues.
  • The well-being of children includes their safety, education, physical health; their emotional, social and spiritual health; and overall development.
  • Children's health now and in the future is dependent upon a high quality university medical training program integrated with community pediatricians and a strong children's hospital.
  • Every child should have access to quality medical care.
  • Every child should have a medical home that accepts responsibility for providing comprehensive, coordinated and continuous care.
  • Each child's medical home should include an ongoing relationship with a primary care medical provider.
  • The health of a community and its children, including children with special needs, depends on the leadership and services of strong public health agencies and programs.
  • The organization represents and advocates for pediatricians.
  • The organization is a forum for education, professional development, social interaction, support and mentoring, and providing professional direction.
  • Preventive services are an essential element of child health.
  • Pediatricians have professional responsibility to teach and support parents or guardians in their role of raising and nurturing children.
  • Quality medical training is a shared responsibility of public and private resources.

Our Mission will be accomplished in the following areas:
  • Child Advocacy
  • Membership
  • Health Care Access & Delivery
  • Legislative
  • Health Care Provider Education & Research
  • Community Involvement

For more information:

Cathy Oyler, Executive Director
Intermountain Pediatric Society/AAP Utah Chapter
3029 Holderhill Lane
Salt Lake City, UT 84118
Phone: 801/968-3411
Fax: 801/968-2616
Email: [email protected]


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